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On June 1-st in Ottawa Canada, birth of Alanis Nadine MORISSETTE and her twin brother Wade. Alanis is the girl of Alan MORISSETTE, a Frenchman-Canadian who works in an university, and of Georgia MORISSETTE, Hungarian origin. She has another brother, Chad, been born in 1972. Her first name "Alanis" was found in a Greek newspaper by her father who looked for another Alan's feminine equivalent because he didn't love the first name "Alanna".


She learns to play the piano.


She likes dancing and playing the comedy. She plays in ballets and takes classes of ballet dance and jazz.


She writes her first texts and her first songs. She admires Olivia Newton-John.


She plays in the series "You can't do that on television" on Nickelodeon, a cable TV channel for children.


Due to the money she earned, she can dedicate herself to her true passion : music. She finances the production of her first single : "Fate stay with me". She is going afterward to chain concerts, broadcasts of variety and openings of sports events.


She meets Leslie Howe. They begin to write songs together.


Alanis signs at MCA Canada.


Issue of her first album "Alanis" which becomes gold disc in Canada (see CD Pages). With this disc of pop and dance, she wins a "Juno Award" (Victory of the Canadian Music) in the category "Best Feminine Hope". She begins to tour. She sings during the Vanilla Ice's first part.


Issue of her second album "Now is the time" (see CD Pages). She moves to Los Angeles


In February, she meets Glen BALLARD. This last one is well known in the music world because he produced Paula Abdul and wrote for several personalities (Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson: "Man in the mirror", Aretha Franklin and Barbara Streisand). They begin to work together.


Alanis signs at MAVERICK, Madonna's label. In summer, issue of her third album "Jagged little pill". It is a real success (see CD Pages). Alanis wins 4 Grammy Awards : Album of the Year, Best Rock Album, Best Vocal Performance and Best Rock Song with "You oughta know" (see CD Pages). Several other songs of this album assure her a world-wide recognition. "Hand in my pocket", "All I really want" and "Ironic" are in the first places of charts (see CD Pages). The album is an international success. In summer, Alanis begins a big tour which will last 18 months. Jesse Tobias, ex Red Hot Chili Pepper, formed the Alanis band, The Sexual Chocolate. In June, she sings in Paris, at the Chesterfield Café, and then at the Bataclan.


In the middle of 1996, the album "Jagged little pill" became disc of platinum in numerous countries (see CD Pages). In July, Alanis plays in Paris in first part of Neil Young at Bercy. Issue of "The singles box" (see CD Pages). After the tour, at the end of the year, Alanis decides to end (of the least temporary ... ouf !) her career.


Issue of a video cassette "Jagged little pill, live" (90 minutes), log book of this tour of one year and a half which began in April 1995 to end in December 1996. It is the best sale of all the times for a musical video. Alanis refuses any interview and starts again for her native Canada. She makes then a series of journeys in India ("Thank you India") and in Cuba. Alanis takes advantage of this year of break to make yoga, tennis, basketball, painting and photography. She has moreover her own Internet site where she exposes photos. She didn't forget her passion for the music because she composes for others and also for the cinema with the song "Uninvited" which appears on the soundtrack of the movie "City of angels" with Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage.


With more than 28 million sold copies (16 millions only in the United States of America), the album "Jagged little pill" is a record of sales for a first album which is classified in the first place in American charts and N° 6 in the French "Top10". In November 1998, issue of the album "Supposed former infatuation junkie" on the label Maverick (see CD Pages). The 17 titles are composed and written by Alanis. This album is again coproduced by Glen Ballard. On that album Alanis reveal her multi-instrumentalist's talents because she plays piano, flute and harmonica besides the guitar. It is an enormous success, more than 469,000 copies of the disc are commercialized in the week, bringing down the record to there possessed by Lauryn Hill. This album and its first sound extract are far from passing unnoticed because on the CD and in "Thank U" video clip Alanis appears completely naked. This clip, issued in September 1998, is realized by Stéphane Sebnaoui who had already realized "Ironic" video. Alanis begins a new world tour. On December 10th she is in Paris on the stage of the Bercy Omnisport Palace, with the biggest stars of the music. She sings beside Peter Gabriel, Tracy Chapman, Youssou N'Dour and Radiohead for the fiftieth anniversary of the Statement of Human Rights.


After a tour in United States, Alanis is again in France for several concerts (Junkie Tour 1999-2000). In June, she plays on the Zénith stage in Paris. On June 25th she plays on the stage of the Dome in Marseille (I was there ... it was magic, magnificent, unforgettable ... as Alanis). Alanis was nominée for M6 MUSIC Saphirs for her clip "So pure" in the category Best Clip with Special Effects and Best Clip with Choreography. She was also nominée in the 41th Grammy Awards where she was rewarded in categories Best Rock Vocal Performance and Best Rock Song for the title "Uninvited" of the Soundtrack of the film "City of angels". Alanis plays in "Dogma" Kevin Smith's movie. She plays God's role. Alanis gives an "Unplugged" concert in MTV's studios where she sings several new songs. Issue of the album "MTV Unplugged" where you can hear the song "No pressure over cappuccino" she wrote for her brother Wade (see CD Pages).


From March 21th till April 2d, Alanis participates in "Vagina Monologues's" representations in Westside Theatre to Broadway. Forgotten in Grammy Awards for this year, Alanis made good at Canadian Junos Awards. She was nominée in 5 categories (Year Album, Year Feminine Artist, Year Pop Album, Best Composer and Best Video). She won 2 rewards, Juno of the Year Album with "Supposed former infatuation junkie" (see CD Pages) and Juno of the Best Video with "So pure". Alanis gives a concert in Vatican on May 1-st for the 2000 Jubilée with among others Lou Reed and Andréa Bocceli. Issue of the single "Still" extracts from the Soundtrack of the movie "Dogma". Alanis sings in France on July 7th (Summer Tour 2000) to the festival of Belfort's Eurockéennes (I was there ... whaoooooooooo !) ; but also in Italy in Monza Rock Festival on July 9th and in Lucca Summer Festival on the 11th. She participates then in the Axion Beach Rock Festival of Zeebruges in Belgium on July 15th. She prepares a new album.