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Thank U Alanis to be ... Alanis :o)

Thank U Music and its 7 notes

Thank U Elsalanis (Villelongue de la Salanque - France) for the work on the Alanis News Magazine ... he's our Big Reporter for Alanis-international

Thank U ma Lène "LN" Hélène Douchet (Caluire et Luire - France) for the new design of the site (January 2005)

Thank U Pauline "Popo" Bérenger (Montigny-le-Bx - France) for her "glance" on the site

Thank U Paloma Sielski (Curitiba - Brazil) for her opinion and ideas ... hehe !! ;-)

Thank U all of those who sent me Alanis' pictures and quite particularly :
- Audrey Thimonier (Le Pouzin - France),
- Elsalanis (Villelongue de la Salanque - France)
- Pauline "Popo" Bérenger (Montigny-le-Bx - France),
- "LN" Hélène Douchet (Caluire et Luire - France),,
- Gaël Thabard (St Brévin les Pins - France),
- Birgit Schneider (Mönchengladbach - Allemagne)
- Vincent "ouaibeur" Gautier (Alençon - France)
- Nancy R "Cosmic Winnie" (Marseille - France),
- Pascal "Tigrou" Girard (Mauguio - France),
- Aurélie Duenas (Auvergne - France),
- Agnès Valais (Marseille - France),
- Lilian Lartillerie (Metz - France),
- Tabard "Taylor" Fabien (Metz - France),
- Christian CAO (Lyon - France),
- Simon JOURDAIN (Orchies - France),
- Sabine Mir (St Germain lès Corbeil - France),
- Richard Brill (New York - USA),
- Ealga Shannon (Rome - Italy)
and Audrey Molina (Saintes - France)

Thank U :
- Audrey Thimonier (Le Pouzin - France ... Biography),
- Sébastien Zéwé (Caen - France ... Wallpapers),
- Alejandro del Canto (Pamplona - Spain ... Videos),
- Min-young (Seoul - Korea
... Videos)
and Olivier Laurent (Villemotier - France ... CD, Bootlegs)

Thank U :
- Matthieu Dubert (Bordeaux - France),
- Audrey Thimonier (Le Pouzin - France),
and Audrey Molina (Saintes - France)
for Alanis's songs French translation.

Thank U :
- Paloma Sielski (Curitiba - Brazil) ... hehe !! :o) and Bárbara Fernandes (Viana do Castelo - Portugal) for the translation of pages in Portuguese,
- Fenna De Beer (Koedijk - Netherlands) for the translation of pages in Dutch,
- Stéphanie and Evelyne (Paris - France) and Nancy R "Cosmic Winnie" (Marseille - France) for the translation of pages in Spanish,
- Monique Clavel (Cuers - France) for the translation of pages in German,
- Andrea Giglioni (Cesana - Italy) and Gersende Gueit (Les Marines de Cogolin - France) for the translation of pages in Italian

Thank U Jean Gamain "the Magician" (Cuers - France) for his help and his "HTML" advises :-)

Thank U Jean-Philippe Larose (Vidauban - France) for his "glance" on the site and his emails (Mailing List, Gold book)

Thank U Alanis for all she gives us in her texts, her songs, her voice, her CDs and her concerts ... whaooooooooo !!

Thank U

" The art of living
in balance "